What is Stem Cure Formula ?

Stem Cure Formula® is a proprietary blend of a probiotic and natural supplements specifically created and tested by MD and PhD to aid JOINT SUPPORTAGING, BONE HEALTH, CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT and SPORTS MEDICINE recovery and performance. Each individual formula was extensively researched for years to deliver the optimal blend of supplements.


What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unique types of cells that have a remarkable potential to develop many different cell types. Stem cells can be developed to Fat, Muscle, Bone, Cartilage, Nerve, Blood Vessel etc. They are very important in early life during growth and repairing/replenishing tissues. Once a stem cell develops into specific cells such as fat cells it can not form other tissues such as bone, cartilage and muscle. Stem Cure Formula® , specifically developed and created by MD and PhD, offers a unique proprietary blend of a probiotic and natural supplements that function on the stem cells which may reduce the inflammatory process and improve underlying symptoms. Keeping  tissues healthy leads to the possibility of disease modification and reducing symptoms / progression of conditions.  MSC

These research images were taken by Drs. Kim DH and Heck BE, Stem Cure Formula™ / NWO Stem Cure, LLC

What harms Stem Cells?

Cells and tissues can be damaged with stress, lack of sleep, travel, certain medications, smoking, injury, aging, a poor diet, toxins, autoimmune diseases and many other causes. Stem cells are responsible for healing these damaged cells and tissues. Stem cells offer the possibility of a renewable source of cells and tissues to treat multiple diseases, and conditions including ARTHRITISAGING and SPORTS MEDICINE injuries. Damaged cells and tissue can lead to accelerated aging and injury, including sports injuries.  Currently, obesity is an epidemic resulting in stem cells forming more fat leading to lack of bone, cartilage and blood vessels resulting in diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, ARTHRITIS, accelerated AGING and SPORTS MEDICINE injuries.  StemCell MSC

These research images were taken by Drs. Kim DH and Heck BE, Stem Cure Formula™ / NWO Stem Cure, LLC

bone-marrow-declineStem Cure Formula® is a paradigm shift in the thought of addressing the aging process. To slow the aging process, it is felt that keeping the cells that replenish the tissues (mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells) healthy is important. Aging declines the number of stem cells.   Multiple scientific studies demonstrate the individual supplements in Stem Cure Formula® protects the cells. Stem Cure Formula® revolutionizes current thought and approach to supporting joint health, anti-aging and sports medicine performance/recovery.

Why Stem Cure Formula® ?

shutterstock_136980212Stem Cure Formula® was developed by a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Stem Cells Experts to improve these human pathologic conditions. After decades of treating patients, the doctors were looking for a better alternative to treat underlying conditions and diseases. Frustrated by side effects of current treatment and limitations of medicine, doctors noticed modifications of a patient’s own stem cells was the solution to enhance cartilage and bone formation as well as repair muscle and connective tissues. Stem Cure Formula® has a unique proprietary blend of a probiotic and natural phytochemicals that functions on the stem cells and the inflammatory process to not only reduce underlying symptoms but repair tissues. This leads to the possibility of disease modification by slowing progression until there is a cure for the disease.

Limitations of Current Medicine

The most commonly prescribed inflammatory/arthritis medications are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs include over the counter products such as ibuprofen (Mortrin/Advil), naproxen (Aleve), aspirin, and prescription drugs such as Naprosyn and Celebrex (celecoxib). The purpose of these medications is to treat inflammation and pain. These medications are associated with severe side effects (Table 1). In fact, one popular NSAID, Vioxx (rofecoxib) was taken off the market due to increased risk of heart attack and stroke in 2004.

Table 1. The side effects of current treatments for pain/inflammatory conditions
Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) NSAIDs
acetaminophen-associated overdoses account for about 56,000 emergency room visit and 26,000 hospitalizations yearly and more than 450 deaths from liver failure (16294364) nausea, heartburn, ingestion, abdominal pain, bleeding ulcer (GI complaints)* 16,500 people per year die as a result of NSAID-associated gastrointestinal complications (18239373)
No. 1 cause of acute liver failure heart attack, stroke (cardiovascular events), congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation (24713211)
kidney toxicity kidney damage
* Estimated 107,000 patients are hospitalized annually for NSAID-related GI complications (9715832)

 Regarding  supplements, there are many on the market with claims of benefit for joint complaints and other health conditions. Many supplements have unfounded health claims. Many natural substances have yet to be scrutinized in scientific evidence-based research studies. Also, many supplements that were claimed to be beneficial have shown no clinically important difference once studied. For example, some of the most commonly used supplements for arthritis, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have shown no clinically important difference in pain or function as compared with placebo. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are NO BETTER than Placebo in NIH funded GAIT clinical study.

Over 2 years, no treatment achieved a clinically important difference in WOMAC pain or function as compared with placebo. (PMID: 20525840)

How does Stem Cell Formula work?

Stem Cure Formula® may direct the patients own stem cells to form Muscle, Bone, Cartilage, Nerve, Blood Vessel over Fat. In research studies, individual supplements of Stem Cure Formula® have demonstrated marked improvement of anti-oxidant function, ability to down regulate inflammatory chemicals and genes responsible for contributing to the disease process.  These effects have been demonstrated through extensive research, including clinical studies involving patients with various conditions. Individual components in Stem Cure Formula® have been shown to protect the cells and promote chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

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Stem Cure Formula® is a product line of NWO Stem Cure, LLC. 
NWO Stem Cure, LLC is a research company founded October, 2013 by  a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, and a Stem Cell Researcher with expertise in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), for the purpose of improving treatment of orthopedic and inflammatory/chronic diseases, such as osteoarthritis and autoimmune arthritides, so quality-of-life for humans with these pathologic conditions can be enhanced. Currently there is no disease modifying treatment for osteoarthritis.  The company's research team revealed that naturally occurring substances, including herbal/natural substances and probiotics demonstrated significant reductions of inflammation. This has also been supported by National Institute of Health (NIH) basic science and clinical studies.  The company continues active research on the effects of herbal and natural supplements, synthesizing novel small molecules for arthritis and osteoporosis in collaboration with academic university / medical centers, and researching known pharmaceuticals whose effect on MSCs is unknown. Research interests include osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sports medicine injuries, and aging since this disease process increases the risk of developing one of the previously mentioned conditions.

The company has ongoing research including: 

  •  Testing of natural supplements on human MSCs 
  •  Clinical studies
  •  New drug development for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis 
  •  Evaluation of hyaluronic acid and its effects on cartilage 
  •  Use of MSCs in combination with adjuvant agents in the treatment of osteoarthritis 
  •  Investigations into the role of inflammatory cytokines and their effects on the MSCs 
  •  Evaluations of the MSC in the treatment of painful conditions for use in pain management / neuro-musculoskeletal disorders